Do Nuts make you fat

As the saying goes, eating too much of anything can make you fat, in which nuts are also included. While it is true that most of the diets plans having nuts are high-calorie diet plans but that doesn’t mean nuts are not healthy. Nuts may be calorie-dense, but they also contain many nutrients that support good health. Moreover the presence of fat in nuts doesn’t automatically mean that nuts will increase the weight. Infact,fats are needed by the body to function properly as they contribute to overall health.

Since winter has already set in when everyone is going to consume nuts in some or the other form,it is important to know where should one draw the line ?Also it is important to consume nuts according to one’s body type because that for sure is going to not only satisfy your taste buds but will also prove beneficial for you.

Nutrition in Your Nuts

A review published on nutrients in December 2017 will give you reason to smile as a correlation has been established between nut consumption and a reduction in risk factors for chronic heart and metabolic diseases.But this doesn’t again mean that we should indulge in nuts freely.

Nuts for Weight Gain

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