Nutrition Certification Programs Online- 2 Best Courses

Nutrition Certification Programs Online- 2 Best Courses

Nutrition is the keystone and foundation of health. Today there is an increasing awareness amongst people that the only real cure of lifestyle disorders lies in good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Hence there are vast opportunities opening up for Nutrition professionals. Vedique nutrition courses conducted by Unitus Onehealth open up new horizons for people who want to work in the field of Nutrition, health and fitness. The nutrition courses are an amalgamation of both Ayurvedic Tridoshic principles and Modern Science concepts. They impart knowledge about doing Prakriti analysis and plan diets according to our dominating bio energies.

If someone wants to upskill themselves through certified nutrition courses in Ayurvedic Diet, Vedic Nutrition or spread the knowledge of healthy eating and disciplined lifestyle, these courses open up plenty of avenues for them. This is the reason these courses can be pursued by homemakers, students, health coaches, yoga instructors and medical/nonmedical professionals as they can be conveniently learned online from the comfort of your home.

The job opportunities that are available for a nutritionist after learning Vedique Nutrition Courses are varied. They can become a health coach, self-employed nutritionists, nutrition bloggers, bring awareness among people about the importance of food for good health and also upgrade/upskill knowledge.

Among all the Vedique Nutrition Courses the following CPD-certified Advance Courses conducted by Unitus Academy will open up avenues to plan diets and teach people about the importance of healthy eating.

1. Vedique Nutrition Professional Course –  This course will help you to learn about the ways to analyse the dominating bioenergies (Prakriti) of an individual, diet for balancing the doshas and to keep them healthy, importance of dinacharya/ritucharya and how food can be the cause/cure of a disease. Also, learn about the modern and ayurvedic aspects of various lifestyle disorders and plan diet for them.

Based on this knowledge you will be able to plan prakriti-vikriti-based diet, add kitchen herbs and also learn about the Vedique herbs. You will also get access to the OneHealth Software designed by the team of Unitus to make specialised diet plans.

Download the course brochure here

2. Vedique Weight Loss Professional Course  The course is designed based on a unique curriculum of Vedique Weight Loss Protocol developed by a team of Ayurvedic doctors and Nutritionists under the guidance of  Dr Shikha Sharma. This course enables a person to learn professional diet planning for obesity and its related disorders as they are the precursor of various lifestyle-related disorders. The diet plans which are based on the unique combination of Vedic Science and Nutrigenetics will help your patients to achieve an effective and sustainable weight loss.

Download the course brochure here

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