Client Success Story Ms. Daxina Dadlani

Student Speak: Ms. Daxina Dadlani

It is a transcript of an interview between Dr. Shikha Sharma and a successful student Ms. Daxina Dadlani

In Unitus One Health Academy, we conduct Vedique nutrition courses where we teach our students about the importance of health and how to improve the quality of life by adopting a diet based on the concept of Vedic nutrition, which combines Ayurvedic and modern nutrition. Many students have learned from the academy and are using that knowledge in their professions.

It’s my great pleasure to invite one of our successful students today, Dakxina. We will be hearing from her about her learning experience with the organization and how she is applying her knowledge in her profession. So, let’s hear from Dakxina about her experiences.

A very healthy afternoon to you, Dakxina.

Hi, good afternoon ma’am. How are you doing? I’m doing well.

Dakxina, would you like to tell us about yourself, your profession, and the various courses you have done from Unitus, and what inspired you to take those courses?

Sure, I’m Dakxina, a nutritionist and lifestyle consultant. I chose this profession because I have always felt a connection with food, healthy habits, and overall well-being. I completed the Vedique nutrition course, followed by the detoxification course and fertility modules 1 and 2. I found these courses to be highly effective, as evidenced by a significant positive outcome with one of my clients who struggled to conceive for two years. After implementing the knowledge gained, she finally conceived, bringing immense joy to her and her family.

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The course content is not only applicable but also very result-oriented. I feel honored that I could contribute positively to someone’s life, and I attribute this success to the teachings of the Unitus Academy.
Dakxina, what was your experience with Unitus regarding the course content, curriculum, and the experience of online classes? Did you face any difficulties?
After joining the course, I gained a solid understanding of the basics. Importantly, I discovered that understanding the prakriti of the human body is crucial. Even after studying modern nutrition, I felt something was lacking. The course helped me identify my prakriti (Pitta prakriti) and make dietary adjustments accordingly. This personal experience enhanced my gut health, emphasizing the importance of consuming foods that suit one’s prakriti.
I suggest that everyone should understand their body type and follow Ayurvedic principles for personal benefit. Vedic nutrition provides deep insights into understanding our bodies, unlike modern nutrition’s one-size-fits-all approach.

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Dakxina. What suggestions would you give to others and who are considering joining our Unitus courses?

I would recommend joining the courses for personal benefit and to help others. Ayurveda is an age-old approach to health, and even in Western countries, people are adopting it. Learning about body type analysis is essential for everyone. Vedic nutrition delves deeply into understanding the natural state of the human body, a perspective modern nutrition often overlooks.

Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck to you.

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