Joint Pain

How Cold Weather Affects Joint Pain

Stiffness, joint aches, and pains are often associated with changes in weather, especially the falling temperatures of winter. There is no one explanation for why dropping temperatures affect your joints but there are different theories behind understanding why certain patients react to weather changes in terms of joint pain. One such theory suggests that in... Read more

Kids Nutrition

Is Your Kid Having Proper Nutrition In The Growth Years

Kids Nutrition is predicated on an equivalent core principle as nutrition for adults. The key's a healthy and appropriate balance of diet and exercise, also as a conducive lifestyle. The five main food groups include grains, dairy, protein, vegetables, and fruit, and are generally a decent start line for any diet. It is very important... Read more

How To Cure Joint Pain Post Covid

Joint pain is one of the most common among people where age doesn't matter sometimes, but what remains constant is that it reduces the quality of our lives.  However, post-COVID care is something that needs attention, even after a person has tested negative for the virus. After covid, most of the patients complain of joint pains... Read more

Diet for Disease Management

Diet is Important with Medicine for Disease Management

There has been a huge increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the past few decades. CAD (Coronary artery disease), IS (Ischemic stroke), diabetes, and some specific cancers, had now become the dominant sources of morbidity and mortality globally. When treating any disease or recovering from it, diet & its nutrition plays an important role... Read more

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